Sang Nila Projects

We embark on collaborative projects in cultural, educational and healthcare sectors to explore innovative and socially beneficial applications of robotics. Through our social robotics projects, we aim to document future user needs and further advance the field of human-robot interaction. Our goal is to shape a future where robots and humans coexist harmoniously and meaningfully.

Since our solutions are human-centered, we observe, engage and empathize with our users to gain a more insightful understanding of their needs. This involves experimenting with methodologies to collect relevant data, analyzing data to define social needs, designing robotics solutions to fulfill those needs and testing them on real platforms. By applying the mindset of a design thinker, we create real value for our clients.

What’s Getting Us Excited:

A. Digital Robot Concierge 
  • National Heritage Board (Singapore)
Robots has always been traditionally associated with getting children interested in STEM subjects. However, what if we used robots to get children interested in the Arts and Humanities? Our newest concierge at Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, a social robot, will uncover further possibilities in this area. We want to delve into the intersection between Robotics and the Arts and Humanities with this project, exploring innovative ways to educate the young on Singapore’s rich cultural history.  Follow our journey here.
B. Children Therapeutic Companion Robot
  • Hospital Pantai Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Robots are a low-risk way to help children with autism with their struggles in social interaction. We implemented a social robot in the hospital to 1) improve the dynamic of the pediatric ward by introducing a source of positive energy and 2) to aid the doctors in their studies to better understand children on the autism spectrum. The companion robot’s interactive features allow it to capture and sustain the children’s attention, piquing their curiosity, while also providing children’s entertainment during clinic consultation. It can also act as a mediator between the caregiver and child during therapy.
C. Receptionist and Tour Guide Robot
  • Quanzhou Software Park (China)
Visitors in Quanzhou Nanyang Institute’s exhibition hall will find themselves being ushered by a pair of robots that will smoothly avoid obstacles in its way and provide information about the place upon reaching an exhibition area. Each exhibit has a QR code, which the robot will scan to load the exhibit information on its display screen. The goal of this project is to free the human employees of repetitive tasks, so that they can engage the guests with more in-depth conversations about the exhibited projects.

Diagram of Exhibition Area and Route

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